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Sol Kellan Mexico City, March 29, 1987. She studied textile and fashion design at Centro and a Master's in Industrial Design at UNAM. beca jóvenes creadores fonca in the theater costume discipline 2016. She has worked for seven years with Gilles Ste-croix, co-founder of Cirque du Soleil as a makeup designer at the Children's Circus. She designed makeup for the show Savia directed by Gilles Ste-Croix. In 2015 she designs costumes and makeup for Limbo by Gabriela Muñoz with Natalia Lafourcade at the City Theater. In 2017 she designed costumes for Joel Peter Witkin and is interviewed by Cristina Pacheco in the program hoy nos tocó vivir. In 2017 he directed, wrote, produced and designed his first clown show called Lacuna, el circo de todos: winner of Enartes 2017, beca conacyt, sistema de teatros de la ciudad de méxico,centro cultural del bosque y el teatro helénico. sHe designs and makes costumes for the staging of Jesus Christ Super Star 2019 directed by Nick Evans. In 2020 she made costume design for the scenes of Eungenio Salvador de Hoy No Me Podemos Levantar selected as an emerging finalist of the World Stage Design 2021 and finalist of the 2021 Metro Awards. She designs the makeup for the mexica series, designed by eugenio caballero. She designed and made costumes for two short films by Karla Castañeda. In November 2021 she made costume design for the International Day of the Dead Parade. sHe is currently designing costumes for the musical joseph and his technicolor dream coat.



Glasses contaminated with evil fell from the sky, there are those who entered their eyes and those who did not, those who did lose their sight. Character created according to the story of Andersen's Snow Queen. Costume and makeup design: Sol Kellan

photo: Rodrigo Chapa, Dancer: Marisol Cal y Mayor



Snow White Forest

"Take her far, far away, to a place away from the forest where she can cut flowers and there my faithful servant, you will kill her!" This was the order of the cruel queen to finish Snow White in the forest of Spessart. Character design: Sol Kellan, photo: Rodrigo Chapa



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